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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Video Technology Production Project

In this project, we decide to make a video with a concept of Interview Behind the Scene. Where we interview the actors about their student's life in UTM.

Along the way of producing this video, I learnt alot.

First of all, in term of handling camera video. Different video camera have different way to set up and handling too. There is one moment where we set up the video frame wrongly. Thank God we realized it earlier and countermeasure have been taken. And there are no effect to video size while editing the video too.

Secondly, I personally applied all the camera shot techniques and angle that we have learnt in class. Well, it is not easy. SO tiring! Hahaha. Especially when trying to do the panning without tripod. My leg need to be stable , adjusting center of gravity some more.  I have the chance to use some advanced camera shot for me such as rack focus. This technique can be achieved when shooting by controlling the focus button manually. We can set the focus to blur first toward second subject then we can control the focus to our next subject so it make the other subject blur. Let me show you one example from our video screen capture.

Thirdly, planning! A storyboard will do. We use a storyboard.com to create our storyboard which is really helpful. We only need to drag and drop the character and icon that we need inside the template. By referring to this storyboard, shooting was easier. We always come back to our storyboard when we seems to lost direction. This storyboard also help us in editing process too. It was so much easier to edit the flow of our video when we have storyboard. We know what we should do for next to keep the continuity of the video. Planning the shooting with actors also quite challenging since all have their own commitment but I thanked God all went well and smooth despite all the challenges we faced. Hehe.

Oh ya, there was one time where we scheduled a shooting on Friday evening in UTM Stadium and suddenly it's raining heavily. Thank God the rain was not that long and we awere able to proceed with the shooting later on. But, the actors need to be extra careful when we shoot the running part since the stadium track was quite slippery that time.

I can say that while producing this video, I really learnt alot. It was such a sweet memories for me. Throughout this process also, it teach me to be flexible. Flexible with time and changes if needed. It's not easy to produce a video. This video project that we made is only 7 minutes and 20 seconds but the process to shoot and edit takes forever. 

Hereby I would like to give thanks to my team mates. Cikgu Fadzil, Cikgu Fadillah and Kak Siti Khadijah. I have a great time working with these wonderful people. We were able to complement each other with knowledge and skills that we have and we made a great team. Thanks to Dr Jamal too for his knowledge sharing in class. It really helps us alot along the way.

Not to forget the actors involved. Since I am the casting director, I really thank God for my church members that were willing to spend their precious time to be involved in this project. Without them, this video project might be lacking of something.  Special thanks to Velantina, Jacline, Augeny, Joel, Alvin and Walthy as they were willing spend their Friday evening by running in UTM Stadium that was slippery. Great is your reward in Heaven guys!

So here is the video project by VIFF Production. Yeah, there might be a lacking here and there but we were proud to present our project as we have done our BEST! Next semester will join the video competition by SPS. Hehe! 


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