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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Interview with super genius seniors

Hoila everybody!

Good news! I manage to upload the ultimate video.Cewah.Haha.In this video,many undiscover things that we didn't know will be revealed by my seniors.In my point of view.I don't know if you guys feel the same way too.Let's watch it by clicking PLAY!

And sorry sorry,forgot to put on subtitles.Kinda hurry while editing it so,forgive me k..hihi.One day if I have time to kill,I'll remake one,with subtitles.Hehe.

So,what did you all got from the video?
  • Life as DB student in UTM
  • Career path for DB students
  • Environment of work once you graduated as DB student. 
         -MUST HAVE personality
         -daily tasks
  • Salary $$$
  • Negative perception toward computing career
  • How to change the perception
  • How to make DB course popular
  • Advice for juniors

Thanks for watching! ^_^

REVEALED: 10 biggest perks of working in IT field

Hey guys!

Now,it is time to reveal the 10 biggest perks of working in IT.I got this from TECHREPUBLIC and it's quite interesting so I decided to share it with you all here.Thanks Techrepublic! :)

Takeaway: IT jobs usually entail a lot of stress and frustration. But if you’re lucky, they can also provide enough enjoyment to make it all worthwhile.
Regardless of what you do for a living, it’s easy to focus on the negatives of the job and let those things bring you down. However, most jobs have certain perks, and IT is no exception. This article discusses some of the benefits I’ve experienced over the years as a result of working in IT.

1: You get to meet lots of people

One of my absolute favorite things about working in IT is that you get to meet so many interesting people. Back in the mid-90s, for example, I worked for a large insurance company with about 1,000 users. I can honestly say that I knew most of those users on a first-name basis. Better still, even though I left the company about 15 years ago, some of the people I met there are still my best friends to this day.
Without a doubt, the greatest benefit that came from getting to know so many people was that I met my wife of 17 years as a direct result of working in IT. She was working in the marketing department at the time, and I met her because she called me to fix her printer.

2: The money can be good

Even though IT will probably never be the way that it was during the dot-com boom, IT does tend to pay better-than-average salaries. Of course, the pay level varies considerably from one company to the next and from one position to the next.

3: It’s easy to move around

One thing I have always noticed about IT is that it is relatively easy to move around. I have known plenty of IT pros who got bored with their position and switched to a different IT specialty with minimal effort. For instance, I have known network administrators who became database administrators and software developers who became network administrators.

4: You have personal freedom

IT pros tend to have a lot of personal freedom. I will be the first to admit that corporate culture can vary considerably from one organization to the next and that some organizations are more permissive than others. Even so, I can’t remember anyone ever making me punch a time clock or stick to a rigid break schedule. Most of the IT jobs I have had have allowed me to set my own hours and even work from home when I wanted to (within reason). Likewise, I have always had total freedom to decorate my office anyway I wanted.

5: You get to help people

Another great thing about working in IT is that you get to help a lot of people. Some people hate IT because they’re usually calling with a problem they want you to solve. Even so, I have always found it gratifying to be able to end the day knowing that I was able to spend it helping people.

6: You get paid to spend time away from the office

This may not apply to everybody, but one thing I have always enjoyed immensely about IT is the travel. The very nature of the job means that you constantly have to learn new things and oftentimes, this means traveling to training classes and technical conferences.
Although I do confess to being a travel junkie, there is also something very cool about being away from the office for a few days without having to burn up any of your vacation time. What’s even better is that technology conferences tend to be held in places where there are plenty of things to see and do after hours.

7: You sometimes face unusual challenges

Few things in life bring me down faster than monotony. While every job has some amount of repetition, IT has the unique advantage of requiring creative solutions to unusual problems. There is definitely something to be said for being challenged once in a while.

8: You have access to cool toys

A definite perk of working in IT is having access to cool toys. Just yesterday, for example, I had to spend several hours in a hospital waiting room, so I got some work done using my Windows 8 tablet. While doing so, several people stopped to ask me where I got the tablet, since Windows 8 won’t be out until sometime next year.
The same basic concept has always held true regardless of the hot technology of the moment. Back in the 90s, I remember using a flatbed scanner to copy pictures for my friends at a time when none of them had ever even heard of a scanner.

9: IT knowledge can be helpful in everyday life

Although perhaps not a job perk, IT knowledge can definitely be helpful in everyday life. For example, there was a time long, long ago when the network cabling standard of choice was coaxial Ethernet. I spent one entire summer pulling coaxial cable and attaching cable ends. At the time, I hated the job. But even though nobody uses coaxial Ethernet anymore, the knowledge I gained installing all that cable came in handy just last week.
My next-door neighbors had some carpet installed. The installer accidentally cut their satellite cable. The cable used by satellite dishes is similar to what was used for Ethernet so long ago. Since I still have my tools, I was able to repair the cable for them, so they didn’t have to wait a week and pay for a service call from the satellite company.

10: The job sometimes comes with special rewards

Earlier, I mentioned that one of the great things about working in IT is that you get to help people. Sometimes, people who you help are so grateful that they provide a special reward. Over the years, I have had clients send me various gifts as a way of saying thank-you for helping them out in a pinch. When I worked for the military, some of the people I helped even thanked me by taking me for joy rides in tanks and helicopters.
Don’t get me wrong — I don’t help people because I expect to get something in return. However, it is always a nice feeling when someone surprises you with a thank-you gift.

Come on,help to make DB course famous!


Hello everybody!
Okay this time I'm gonna write my entry in BM.Can I? Grr.Because this topic need a lots of idea and I'm kinda tersekat idea if I'm using English.It is not like I love to copy paste other's entry in the web and put it in my blog then claim it as mine.No no.Itu plagiat namanya.PLAGIARISM.

How to make DB course popular? atau dalam BM nya, Bagaimana cara nya menjadikan DB course nie popular.

Actually kan,saya ada record satu video nie,baru habis edit semalam and bila nak upload harinie,ciskek punya line internet.Lembap giloss! Dahla file video tu besar so faham-faham je la.Tambah lagi guna berukband.Daa~Bye-bye je lah nak upload video tu.So,mostly content about this topic I got from the interview with my beloved seniors.There is a video but can't upload it now due to internet problem.Nevermind.One day,will upload it here :)


This type of suggestion come first in our mind right (?) everytime people ask us something to make thing popular.Sebab benda nie meluas.You see,campaign.It involves society.Society are such a big audience.And when they know something,of course they will spread the news.People change informations.But sometimes gud things rarely spread fast.Not like rumours.Bila gosip,fuhh cepat bebeno seluruh society tahu.Well you know,typical Malaysian.Heh.

Okay,during this exhibition,provide flyers,brochures about our course.Describe every single details.From definition of database,what will be study,career path,environment of work,salary,where can we work.That details is gonna impress people outside.Automatically,this will going to change their negative perception about computer science have less jobs in Malaysia.Yet,will make our course popular since they are now have an awareness in themselves.

2.Awareness programme
In the video,my senior mentioned that Kelab Rakan Muda is currently doing this.They invited computer science students from UTM to join venture in the programme.What they do are for examples,teaching basic computer things to primary and secondary students at rural area in Selangor.In the mean time,they can promote their course to that society.Giving awareness about this computing world.Showing a good example to society and gotcha! They can change their negative perception toward computer science students too.That is what we called 'killing two birds with one stone' Haha.

3.Mass media should do something too!
We should not focus on what mahasiswa do,what university do to make this course popular and change the negative perceptions.Let's have a look from other perspective.For example,mass media.I believe mass media have the greatest influence in our society.Tak kira la media electronic ke,print media ke.They all have their own influences among society.What can mass media do to help us make this course popular? Iklan. But to have iklan in newspaper quite expensive you know.Nanti nampak sangat course DB desperate nak ada intake.Haha.Memalukan je.

Takpe,mass media can help by wujudkan satu column.In magazine,or newspaper,whatever,yang penting that column gonna share news about computer science students.Kejayaan dalam projek ke,percentage yang dapat kerja even before kerja ke..Shoud put about computing career too.So that,remaja-remaja yang nak masuk Universiti tu tahu lebih details bagaimana kehidupan seorang pelajar sains komputer di universiti hingga ke alam kerjayanya.

4.Stories of a database student/database admin/database designer.
This idea come from my super genius senior.Daus Genji.Haha.Tapi ada benarnya.He suggest that some production people should make a drama or movie or short story pun cukupla untuk dikomersialkan.Cari pelakon yang look alike Korean boys,whoa pastinya perempuan-perempuan di luar sana berebut-rebut nak ambil course DB nie sbb terpengaruh dengan bayangan/imaginasi bahawa pelajar Db ada sehensem lelaki Korea.Haha.Tapi memang ada la pelajar DB yang hensem dan cantik.They are all my classmates. Ngee :D

Jalan cerita tu terpulanglah tapi pastikan ia nya betul-betul menonjolkan kehidupan latar belakang seorang pelajar sains komputer jika pasal pelajar sains komp la.Kalau pasal Database Admin (DBA),buatlah plot yang banyak konflik dan pastikan ia realistik okay.Meanwhile kalau pasal Database Designer (DD),to make it interesting,show public tentang betapa susahnya nak mencipta satu database tu then menjaga dia lagi supaya tidak berlaku apa-apa percanggahan data dan kebocoran serta kejatuhan rahsia yang sulit ke tangan pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.Whoa,me sound like a director and maybe scripwriter.Haha.

I bet every course is like this,not exceptional to DB.haha.

5.Make one community website.Link each other.
What I mean is we create a main website for DB students then put their links in the website.Also don't forget to put each and everyone of link of blog and website in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for examples Google,Yahoo and many more. Macam yang kami tengah buat nie la.And whoever want to know daily life stories of DB student,share news and what activities we're doing,everything about computer science or career path,or environment of work,they can find out about it there.Just click which link they like and tadaa! They will find out that our main website is very useful for someone who want to do research about computer science.At least we applied what we know in web programming on that main website.Plus,we can share and teach others people in websphere about computing world,from basic to professional.From Words,Excel to MySQL and Oracle.It's a good deed dude! ^__^

I think this 5 ways are more than enough to make DB course popular one day.But honestly I don't want it to be so popular then many people graduated from this course and it's competitive for us to get job.Haha.Negative thinking again.No,no.There are so many jobs for students who graduated from DB course.You can work as System Analyst,DBA,DD,Web Programmer and many more.Wanna know more? Let's have a look at my team-mate blog.I think they post about it in their blog.Because my blog just focusing on how to make DB popular and negative perceptions about computing careers only.Hehe. 

Wanna know how DBA worked? 
Click here.

Till then,hope you guys get a lot of infos in this entry.and forgive me if you found out that my English is so bad.Haha.Grammar,tenses,please forgive me.I'm improving my english.

Interview with Safuan

Hey guys!

Here's another video.Edited by me,again.Haha.This time,this video is an interview with my senior in Database.Before this,he was a Mechanical student,in Marine Technology.Then he changed his course to DB because he found out that course is so difficult.If he continued,he believes that he will going to extend his period of study at UTM.And among many courses offered by UTM,he choose Database System.Let's click PLAY to know the details !

Here's the infos that you all can get from the video:
  • Life of a mechanical student
  • Reason he changed his course.
  • Differences between mechanical and computer science(study,faculty)
  • Differences between software engineering career and database career.
  • Get to know the environment of work for database admin,database designer.
  • Reason why this course(Database System) is not so popular compared to another course
  • Hear about negative perception from the society.
  • Ways to change the perception
  • Advices to juniors
If you guys noticed,his face was not so menonjol in the video because he is very shy to look at camera.Haha.Anyway,I'm very thankful senior. Goodluck and do your best in this course :)

Interview with Herda Husna.

Hey everyone!

This time,I'm gonna show you guys the video I've made.Originally capture by me,edited by me and of course uploaded here in my project research blog by me! Yeay! Haha. I've told you guys that this is the first time I'm editing video so please accept my appologize if it doesn't satisfy your expectation from computer science student like me.Ohoh,remember! Computer science student tak semestinya hebat dalam mengedit video or grafik things okay! Its depend on TALENT.

This interview is about one of my ex-senior,also a Database student before she changed her course to Quantity Surveyor.Want to know why? Click PLAY! ^__^

There are many infos you guys can get from the video right?In case you guys don't understand Malay,feel free to use Google translate.But can Google translate,translate video? Haha.My bad.I forgot to put on the subtitles.Ngee :D

I am personally thanks Kak Herda Husna for the cooperation.You know it's not easy to talk in fron of the camera.But since she's talkative,so no problem for her for sure.Haha.Goodluck with your new choosen path Kak!

p/s:I know this kakak before I'm  entering UTM officially (4/9/2011).

Synthesizing(?) Survey

Hoila everyone!

Synthesizing(?) I put a question mark after it because I'm confused, is it the correct way to spell it? You tell me.Haha.Some people says that spelling is for British spelling.Maybe yes,maybe not.Forget about it.Let's proceed with my synthesis okay.

As we can see from the previous analysis of my survey,many thoughts and opinions were bring out by my respondents.Thanks guys! You guys rock ! (",)v  <----peace sign again! Muahaha.

Okay,since all of my respondents know about computer science,let's see on how they rate themselves about their knowledge in computer science.Do you guys know that computer science is not about being literate in Excel,Words or sign in into Facebook,Twitter? It is more than that. For example,lately we as 1-SCSD students have been asked by our charismatic lecturer,Dr Zaidi to make an evaluation sheet about our target,our GPA and CGPA target and obtain later so we can start to see our goal from now on using Excel.And I was like err Excel? I'm not used to Excel actually.And I'm started to ask my roomate to teach me using Excel as they learnt it  very details in their computer literate subject.And she was like,What? Computer science student doesn't know how to use Excel? Unbelievable! And I was like,Hello? I'm computer sciencestudent okay,not clerk.Okay,kinda harsh there.Hahaha.

See,that's what I mean.People thinks that computer science students are superb in using basic applications such as Words,Excel because they think that things related to computer so we should know how to use it.Okay sometimes it's important for us to know how to use that application as we're gonna do our assignments using it sooner or later.But not all of us,computer science students expert using it.Nobody knows that we,computer science students actually learn how that things functioning and will make one thing that bring benefits to our society.We're not learning on just how to use it but create,invent something new in computing world.Wake up my lame society! Change your negative perceptions toward us.

That is why some of my respondents agreed that computing career are not so popular in Malaysia.That is why society keep saying that students who grad in IT field will unemployed.That is also why these kind of perception still exist among our society.Someone have to make them realize.Show them the truth that not all computer science students are useless,low class as they thought.That 'someone' is us.We,people who studies in IT/computer science field.

Less job,not popular.Such a lame issues.Nowadays,many graduated students were not employed not because of what courses they took in university.But because of their skills.They are lacking of soft skills.Communication skills,speaking in English,confidence,charisma.They all doesn't have the qualities that the employees/company looking for.You guys know why these things happened? It is because during their learning process at university,during their period of studies,doesn't matter how many years does it takes,they become such a lame,bookworm mahasiswa.Going to class,back to room,study.Done with the study,sleeping.Become an anti-social.While everyone is going outside,involve with club and organisation,exploring new world from the good side,training their leadership,improving their communication skills and many more experience we can gain.These experience cannot be gain from books.That's what makes it more valuable.

So,my classmates,my coursemates from other universities,my future juniors,don't be afraid of what other people think of us,think of computer science student.It's all depend on you.Yourself.Not the course.Close your ears.Follow your heart. When there is a will,there is a way. :)

Coming up next if I succeed to upload the video,since internet connection is not so mengizinkan,you guys will know a lot about the differences between software engineering and database system,espcially in careers,from my super seniors.Get to hear their superb opinions on how to change the negative perceptions about computer science.Wait ya! ^__^

Monday, 26 December 2011

Analysis of the Survey

Hey guys!

I've mentioned that I already make a survey for this research project right? So,I've closed the survey since I got 45 responses.That's more than enough.Hehe.

Now,i'm gonna show you guys what I have got from the survey and let's make the analysis for each questions I've been asked in the survey.Go go go !

Firstly,gender.Haha.I don't know why this question is necessary in every survey.Maybe they want to know which gender is responsible and hardworking to answer a survey.Haha.So,I put it too in my survey.LOL.

Analysis for Q1:
People who response to my survey consist of 15 male and 30 female.Thanks boys and girls. ^__^

Proceed . . .

My second question is about respondent's education.I'm giving chance to the respondent to enter their education background freely.

Analysis for Q2:
People who response to my survey are mostly from university student.Majority from UTM.And they are taking various course in university.For examples,Math,Network and Security and even a student from FKE,Faculty of Electric also response to my survey.You guys rock! (",)v

Proceed . . . 

Third question,I'm asking either they ever heard about computer science.I'm not focusing on which major in computer science field because the main point here just want to know about the popularity of computer science among our society.Once they say they know about computer science,I' asking them to rate themselves on how depth their knowledge in computer science.

Analysis for Q3:
All of my respondents have heard about computer science.Three of them stated that their knowledge in computer science are very low meanwhile the other eight stated that their knowledge in computer science just low.There were 12 respondents who rate their knowledge as moderate and 16 respondents rate their knowledge as good.Lastly,6 out of 45 rate themselves as experts in computer science knowledge.I believe those people were my super genius seniors at UTM.Hehe :D

Proceed . . . 

My fourth question asked whether my respondents would like to involve in computer science world in the future.

Analysis for Q4:
35 out of 45 answered they would like to involve in computering word in the future and the other 10 respondents hesitated to involve in computering world.I guess maybe they have their own plans and goals.Gudluck with it guys! ^__^

Proceed . . .

My fifth question asked if the respondent would like to take major in computer world in the future.

Analysis for Q5:
There were 28 of them would like to take computer science as their major knowledge in the future.I hope there are students from matriculation or foundation wish to take computer science major in Database System like me in UTM.Haha. Meanwhile,17 of them never think about taking computer science as their major knowledge.

Proceed. . .

My sixth question? Your 1st impression about computer science students. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

Analysis for Q6:
From this question we knew that 25/45 of respondents think that computer science students are genius because it is not an easy course to take. I bet every course is not an easy course to take because nothing in this world is easy including computer science.Hehe.Do you think it easy to translate human command into a language that computer can understand? That is the real computer science.Meanwhile,8 respondents think that computer science student are like someone who want the easiest course in university and just having fun yet can score very well because computer science is not a hard course like engineering course.7 respondents agreed that computer science students are like someone who desperately want to enter university because some of computer science students take this course as their last choice.Means,they have a bad result for SPM/Matriculation/STPM/Foundation,and they want to enter university badly so their final choice are taking computer science as their field of study because qualifications restriction for computer science in university are not so strict/stress on the result of the student.The others opinions were like computer science is fun,computer science is quite hard but is fun and computer science student was really expert in hacking.

Proceed . . .

My seventh question is about the negative perception of computing careers.I provided my respondents with few options and these options were ordinary and cliche negative perception among our society.They can choose more than one.

Analysis for Q7:
There are 27 persons agreed that careers for computer science is too competitive because there are so many graduated students from the same field of study.26 persons agreed that computing career is not a popular career as civil engineering,electrical engineering and petroleum engineering.18 persons thinks that not so many computing career in Malaysia.8 people agreed that computing career have lower salary than any other career.3 people says that computing career is not needed nowadays.I don't know why,haha.You can see nowadays everyone doing their work need at least moderate IT and computer science knowledge.Nevermind,I will elaborate and synthesis this more on next entry.Meanwhile the other answer is he/she don't agree with all the negative perception listed,because he/she thinks that all course were beneficial to country,nation and religion.He/she do believes that students graduated from computer science course have higher demand nowadays even if Malaysia doesn't need them,they still can work at oversea.

Proceed. . .

Last but not least,my final question is about how to change the negative perception of our society towards computer science students.

Analysis for Q8:
Majority,35 persons agreed that computer science students should become a well trained/expert in computer science/in their major course so that they will easily get job even before they graduated.There were 28 respondents agreed that computer science students must give a good impression to others students and in society.Meanwhile 22 respondents thinks that we should do more promotions and campaigns and explanation about computer science workfield.And the other respondents also suggest that we should make  'computer science fundamental' as a compulsory subject for each first year course.

Okay,that's all for the analysis.Coming up next is the synthesis of this survey. :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Done with the interview :)

Hoila everyone!

I'm done with my interviews for my part,for our TIS project.Many thanks to my seniors,Rinston,Daus,Safuan and Kak Herda.Thnks seniors! You guys help me a lots! You guys rock! Yeah (",)v <----peace sign.Hahaha.

Now,it is time for me to edit it.Hope I can do it well.Since this is my first time editing videos.I'll do my best.Hehe.Anyone know which is the easiest software to edit video? Espcially to put subtitles since we have a foreigner in our class.Hihi.Nevermind.Will google it later.Haha.

Wait for the result ya.

Also,thnks to everyone who have response to my surveys.So far there are 44 responses from public.I never expected to have so much respondent since I'm targeting 30 respondent are so far enough.Hehe.Currently doing my analysis and will come out with the outcomes later.

Thnks for ur support guys. (^_^)

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Hey guys!
For this project,to make it easy for me and my friends to analyse the problem,so I came up with this survey.It is about Negative Perception on Computing Careers.Feel free to answer and response too okay! Thnkiush ^_^

Don't hesitate to add your own comments and solutions in 'Other' boxes in that survey.I really appreciate it. :)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Definition Of Database

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to types of content: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, and images.

In computing, databases are sometimes classified according to their organizational approach. The most prevalent approach is the relational database, a tabular database in which data is defined so that it can be reorganized and accessed in a number of different ways. A distributed database is one that can be dispersed or replicated among different points in a network. An object oriented programming database is one that is congruent with the data defined in object classes and subclasses.

Friday, 25 November 2011


Oh hai everyone! :)
This blog is for our TIS project,so currently I'm collecting the data and still doing the research.I have no time to update it here.Hihi.Wait,coming soon k!