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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Video Production Process

There are three  key stages in a successful Video Production.

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

A) Pre-production

  • Planning

Topic,budget, length of the video,contents,demographics

  • Content Gathering

Collect specific information,features,techniques,announcement and procedures

  • Scripting
  • Script is the engine of our video
  • It tells the story and pictures together
  • Script is mostly words
  • Two types of script
  • Dramatic - stories told by action and dialog for audience's entertainment,does not indicate individual camera shots or moves.
  • Informational - Two column video format script , left(video) column contains description of shots,camera movement. Right (audio) column contains words spoken by actors or narrator as well as description of music and sound effects.

  • Shot List
  • Based on the script, all needed shots are mapped out before shooting begin. Also known as story boarding.
  • Drawing of sketches would help us in better understanding

Some prefer write the script first meanwhile some prefer to do the storyboard first.

B) Production

  • Video Equipment
  • Professional Crew
  • Studio Rental,set design,props
  • Actors,voice over and on-camera talent
  • Specialty items,animals etc

C) Post Production

  • Logging of footage
  • Off-line edit or edit decision list
  • Production music & stock footage
  • Graphics & animations
  • Final on-line editing

Personally for me, the pre-production phase plays a very important role in a successful video production. It is very important to plan the video production well but at the same time, we need to learn to be flexible too. As some changes might takes plan due to unavoidable circumstances, or new ideas that come in along the way. 

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