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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Thought of Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Well.. I'm not gonna explain alot of details about basic information for this software. Pretty much you all can google by yourself ya. Hehe. Basically it is a video editing software from Adobe.

Instead! Today, I just want to share my experience in using it.

First of all, your laptop need to have at least 4GB RAM to run this. Huhuhu. Thank God I just bought a new laptop for this purpose. Hahaha. But still, quite heavy tho.

Anyway for video project, we got to learn about editing the green screen yeay! Such an interesting topic. There are a lot of tutorial in You Tube too. 

Personally for me, it was an easy software to learn. It just that it kinda lack of effect. Maybe because it need to be use together with Adobe After Effect ? The effect inside the software was not much.. But i personally love the transition effect they have. Looks professional and simple too.

This software is a powerful tool in video editing. As we can manipulate a lot with our video. I enjoyed deleting the background and replace it with different kind of background for videos while exploring. Plus, we can manipulate the audio too. We can adjust when to fade in and fade out. When do we want the background music to be slow and allow the subject audio to be louder. Editing video is so much easier with Adobe Premiere Pro.

The timeline also quite easy to understand. Layer by layer indicate last layer will be the background.

Overall, I love it. I used to produced a video for my church last Christmas. And have positive comments from my church leaders. It enable me to produce a clean,simple and nice professional video look. But for more effects I guess I need to use Adobe Effect or just use Filmora just like what I did in my video assignment for more contemporary look. Hehe.

Here is the video produced by me for Christmas 2016 ^^

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