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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Come on,help to make DB course famous!


Hello everybody!
Okay this time I'm gonna write my entry in BM.Can I? Grr.Because this topic need a lots of idea and I'm kinda tersekat idea if I'm using English.It is not like I love to copy paste other's entry in the web and put it in my blog then claim it as mine.No no.Itu plagiat namanya.PLAGIARISM.

How to make DB course popular? atau dalam BM nya, Bagaimana cara nya menjadikan DB course nie popular.

Actually kan,saya ada record satu video nie,baru habis edit semalam and bila nak upload harinie,ciskek punya line internet.Lembap giloss! Dahla file video tu besar so faham-faham je la.Tambah lagi guna berukband.Daa~Bye-bye je lah nak upload video tu.So,mostly content about this topic I got from the interview with my beloved seniors.There is a video but can't upload it now due to internet problem.Nevermind.One day,will upload it here :)


This type of suggestion come first in our mind right (?) everytime people ask us something to make thing popular.Sebab benda nie meluas.You see,campaign.It involves society.Society are such a big audience.And when they know something,of course they will spread the news.People change informations.But sometimes gud things rarely spread fast.Not like rumours.Bila gosip,fuhh cepat bebeno seluruh society tahu.Well you know,typical Malaysian.Heh.

Okay,during this exhibition,provide flyers,brochures about our course.Describe every single details.From definition of database,what will be study,career path,environment of work,salary,where can we work.That details is gonna impress people outside.Automatically,this will going to change their negative perception about computer science have less jobs in Malaysia.Yet,will make our course popular since they are now have an awareness in themselves.

2.Awareness programme
In the video,my senior mentioned that Kelab Rakan Muda is currently doing this.They invited computer science students from UTM to join venture in the programme.What they do are for examples,teaching basic computer things to primary and secondary students at rural area in Selangor.In the mean time,they can promote their course to that society.Giving awareness about this computing world.Showing a good example to society and gotcha! They can change their negative perception toward computer science students too.That is what we called 'killing two birds with one stone' Haha.

3.Mass media should do something too!
We should not focus on what mahasiswa do,what university do to make this course popular and change the negative perceptions.Let's have a look from other perspective.For example,mass media.I believe mass media have the greatest influence in our society.Tak kira la media electronic ke,print media ke.They all have their own influences among society.What can mass media do to help us make this course popular? Iklan. But to have iklan in newspaper quite expensive you know.Nanti nampak sangat course DB desperate nak ada intake.Haha.Memalukan je.

Takpe,mass media can help by wujudkan satu column.In magazine,or newspaper,whatever,yang penting that column gonna share news about computer science students.Kejayaan dalam projek ke,percentage yang dapat kerja even before kerja ke..Shoud put about computing career too.So that,remaja-remaja yang nak masuk Universiti tu tahu lebih details bagaimana kehidupan seorang pelajar sains komputer di universiti hingga ke alam kerjayanya.

4.Stories of a database student/database admin/database designer.
This idea come from my super genius senior.Daus Genji.Haha.Tapi ada benarnya.He suggest that some production people should make a drama or movie or short story pun cukupla untuk dikomersialkan.Cari pelakon yang look alike Korean boys,whoa pastinya perempuan-perempuan di luar sana berebut-rebut nak ambil course DB nie sbb terpengaruh dengan bayangan/imaginasi bahawa pelajar Db ada sehensem lelaki Korea.Haha.Tapi memang ada la pelajar DB yang hensem dan cantik.They are all my classmates. Ngee :D

Jalan cerita tu terpulanglah tapi pastikan ia nya betul-betul menonjolkan kehidupan latar belakang seorang pelajar sains komputer jika pasal pelajar sains komp la.Kalau pasal Database Admin (DBA),buatlah plot yang banyak konflik dan pastikan ia realistik okay.Meanwhile kalau pasal Database Designer (DD),to make it interesting,show public tentang betapa susahnya nak mencipta satu database tu then menjaga dia lagi supaya tidak berlaku apa-apa percanggahan data dan kebocoran serta kejatuhan rahsia yang sulit ke tangan pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.Whoa,me sound like a director and maybe scripwriter.Haha.

I bet every course is like this,not exceptional to DB.haha.

5.Make one community website.Link each other.
What I mean is we create a main website for DB students then put their links in the website.Also don't forget to put each and everyone of link of blog and website in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for examples Google,Yahoo and many more. Macam yang kami tengah buat nie la.And whoever want to know daily life stories of DB student,share news and what activities we're doing,everything about computer science or career path,or environment of work,they can find out about it there.Just click which link they like and tadaa! They will find out that our main website is very useful for someone who want to do research about computer science.At least we applied what we know in web programming on that main website.Plus,we can share and teach others people in websphere about computing world,from basic to professional.From Words,Excel to MySQL and Oracle.It's a good deed dude! ^__^

I think this 5 ways are more than enough to make DB course popular one day.But honestly I don't want it to be so popular then many people graduated from this course and it's competitive for us to get job.Haha.Negative thinking again.No,no.There are so many jobs for students who graduated from DB course.You can work as System Analyst,DBA,DD,Web Programmer and many more.Wanna know more? Let's have a look at my team-mate blog.I think they post about it in their blog.Because my blog just focusing on how to make DB popular and negative perceptions about computing careers only.Hehe. 

Wanna know how DBA worked? 
Click here.

Till then,hope you guys get a lot of infos in this entry.and forgive me if you found out that my English is so bad.Haha.Grammar,tenses,please forgive me.I'm improving my english.

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