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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pre-Production : Scripting

A script is not just a dialogues. The script is a written guide to what you are going to film. All action should be in the script.

Basic rules include :

  • Keep it simple
  • Think in big pictures
  • Make every line of dialogue count
  • Show motivations and character type via dialogue

There are two types :

  • The "SPEC" script
  • The "SHOOTING" script

SPEC Script

SPEC Script contains :

  • Slug-line (Brief description of the setting e.g . "INT.ROOM-Day which means the interior of a room during the day)
  • Bussiness (descriptions of characters/action)
  • Dialog (lines intended to be spoken by the actors)

Format :

  • INT/EXT-Location-Time of Day
  • First appearance of character should be in capitals with brief description
  • Use Courier size 12 font

Shooting Script


  • Version of screenplay used during the production on motion picture
  • More details version of SPEC Script
  • Numbered scenes,specific camera angles and other technical information


  • Number each scene in script
  • Bracket off each intended shot
  • Designate each shot as CAM A/B/C (if use >1 camera)
  • Give each bracket a shot description
  • Make sure to leave lots of generous action overlap so you have editing options

When developing a shooting script , it is very important to convey what kind of environment you want to establish through your video. Take notes on the part of how to smoothly make the character move and what kind of POV we are sharing. Use variety of composition to shows relationship so our video is not too static and boring.

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