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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Interview with Herda Husna.

Hey everyone!

This time,I'm gonna show you guys the video I've made.Originally capture by me,edited by me and of course uploaded here in my project research blog by me! Yeay! Haha. I've told you guys that this is the first time I'm editing video so please accept my appologize if it doesn't satisfy your expectation from computer science student like me.Ohoh,remember! Computer science student tak semestinya hebat dalam mengedit video or grafik things okay! Its depend on TALENT.

This interview is about one of my ex-senior,also a Database student before she changed her course to Quantity Surveyor.Want to know why? Click PLAY! ^__^

There are many infos you guys can get from the video right?In case you guys don't understand Malay,feel free to use Google translate.But can Google translate,translate video? Haha.My bad.I forgot to put on the subtitles.Ngee :D

I am personally thanks Kak Herda Husna for the cooperation.You know it's not easy to talk in fron of the camera.But since she's talkative,so no problem for her for sure.Haha.Goodluck with your new choosen path Kak!

p/s:I know this kakak before I'm  entering UTM officially (4/9/2011).

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