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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pre-Production : Storyboard

Story boarding : A process of producing sketches of the shot from your script.
End result looks like comic book of your film (without the speech bubbles)

Types of storyboard :
Hand drawn
Photo storyboard

Tools for storyboarding:
Inspiration,Kidspiration,Microsoft Word,Microsoft Power Point,pencil and paper

Another resource that I just found recently is : storyboardthat.com

This tools help us to create storyboard, providing us the background and character as well as icons/items need to be use in our storyboard. The drawback is that it is not free forever. We need to buy a package premium. But they do give us 14-days trial. And I personally love the functions they gave to us. Check it out by yourself!

While preparing the storyboard, here are the things that we need to consider :
  • How can we use shot types and angles to communicate meaning?
  • How we intend to use composition to communicate meaning?
  • The role of "mise-en-scene"
  • Use of framing
  • How we can use camerawork in a visually striking way?

Always include these in our storyboards :
  1. Graphic description of what takes place in the shot
  2. Camera movement/shot/size
  3. The direction which the camera should pan or zoom (use arrows)
  4. Shot duration
  5. A list of props that will be needed

By listing all these, it can helps cameraman and director to visualise.

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