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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Cut Away,Sequence and Transition

These elements are invaluable in editing element as we want to enrich our contents.

1) Cut Away Shot

  • A cutaway shot is usually : •a related shot to the main action and also.. •a shot of something other than the subject and away from the main scene. 
  • It is usually followed by a cut back to the first shot and is useful for avoiding a jump cut when editing down a section of dialogue, or editing together two separate takes. 
  • It also allow you to transition to new material. 

2) Cut In Shot
  • Similar to cut away but shows a close up shot of something visible in the main scene.

3) Jump Cut
  • For most of film history, the jump cut was seen as a mistake and was something to be avoided. 
  • Today the jump cut has taken its place as just one of the many tools we use to tell a story. Mostly use in music video.

4) Match Cut

  • Carry over visual or audio elements from one shot to the next to make the edit nearly invisible.
There are three types of match cuts : 
  • graphical match cut (which uses a visual element in one shot and carries over that element to the next shot) 
  • match on action cut (in which the movement of a character or object is carried over from one shot to the next). 
  • sound bridge match cut (where an audio or sound element is used from one shot and carried over in the next shot)

Overall this kind of technique can be achieved while editing. Editor and cameraman should have a clear direction on what they want to accomplish with directors guidance too.

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