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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Interview with super genius seniors

Hoila everybody!

Good news! I manage to upload the ultimate video.Cewah.Haha.In this video,many undiscover things that we didn't know will be revealed by my seniors.In my point of view.I don't know if you guys feel the same way too.Let's watch it by clicking PLAY!

And sorry sorry,forgot to put on subtitles.Kinda hurry while editing it so,forgive me k..hihi.One day if I have time to kill,I'll remake one,with subtitles.Hehe.

So,what did you all got from the video?
  • Life as DB student in UTM
  • Career path for DB students
  • Environment of work once you graduated as DB student. 
         -MUST HAVE personality
         -daily tasks
  • Salary $$$
  • Negative perception toward computing career
  • How to change the perception
  • How to make DB course popular
  • Advice for juniors

Thanks for watching! ^_^

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