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Monday, 26 December 2011

Analysis of the Survey

Hey guys!

I've mentioned that I already make a survey for this research project right? So,I've closed the survey since I got 45 responses.That's more than enough.Hehe.

Now,i'm gonna show you guys what I have got from the survey and let's make the analysis for each questions I've been asked in the survey.Go go go !

Firstly,gender.Haha.I don't know why this question is necessary in every survey.Maybe they want to know which gender is responsible and hardworking to answer a survey.Haha.So,I put it too in my survey.LOL.

Analysis for Q1:
People who response to my survey consist of 15 male and 30 female.Thanks boys and girls. ^__^

Proceed . . .

My second question is about respondent's education.I'm giving chance to the respondent to enter their education background freely.

Analysis for Q2:
People who response to my survey are mostly from university student.Majority from UTM.And they are taking various course in university.For examples,Math,Network and Security and even a student from FKE,Faculty of Electric also response to my survey.You guys rock! (",)v

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Third question,I'm asking either they ever heard about computer science.I'm not focusing on which major in computer science field because the main point here just want to know about the popularity of computer science among our society.Once they say they know about computer science,I' asking them to rate themselves on how depth their knowledge in computer science.

Analysis for Q3:
All of my respondents have heard about computer science.Three of them stated that their knowledge in computer science are very low meanwhile the other eight stated that their knowledge in computer science just low.There were 12 respondents who rate their knowledge as moderate and 16 respondents rate their knowledge as good.Lastly,6 out of 45 rate themselves as experts in computer science knowledge.I believe those people were my super genius seniors at UTM.Hehe :D

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My fourth question asked whether my respondents would like to involve in computer science world in the future.

Analysis for Q4:
35 out of 45 answered they would like to involve in computering word in the future and the other 10 respondents hesitated to involve in computering world.I guess maybe they have their own plans and goals.Gudluck with it guys! ^__^

Proceed . . .

My fifth question asked if the respondent would like to take major in computer world in the future.

Analysis for Q5:
There were 28 of them would like to take computer science as their major knowledge in the future.I hope there are students from matriculation or foundation wish to take computer science major in Database System like me in UTM.Haha. Meanwhile,17 of them never think about taking computer science as their major knowledge.

Proceed. . .

My sixth question? Your 1st impression about computer science students. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

Analysis for Q6:
From this question we knew that 25/45 of respondents think that computer science students are genius because it is not an easy course to take. I bet every course is not an easy course to take because nothing in this world is easy including computer science.Hehe.Do you think it easy to translate human command into a language that computer can understand? That is the real computer science.Meanwhile,8 respondents think that computer science student are like someone who want the easiest course in university and just having fun yet can score very well because computer science is not a hard course like engineering course.7 respondents agreed that computer science students are like someone who desperately want to enter university because some of computer science students take this course as their last choice.Means,they have a bad result for SPM/Matriculation/STPM/Foundation,and they want to enter university badly so their final choice are taking computer science as their field of study because qualifications restriction for computer science in university are not so strict/stress on the result of the student.The others opinions were like computer science is fun,computer science is quite hard but is fun and computer science student was really expert in hacking.

Proceed . . .

My seventh question is about the negative perception of computing careers.I provided my respondents with few options and these options were ordinary and cliche negative perception among our society.They can choose more than one.

Analysis for Q7:
There are 27 persons agreed that careers for computer science is too competitive because there are so many graduated students from the same field of study.26 persons agreed that computing career is not a popular career as civil engineering,electrical engineering and petroleum engineering.18 persons thinks that not so many computing career in Malaysia.8 people agreed that computing career have lower salary than any other career.3 people says that computing career is not needed nowadays.I don't know why,haha.You can see nowadays everyone doing their work need at least moderate IT and computer science knowledge.Nevermind,I will elaborate and synthesis this more on next entry.Meanwhile the other answer is he/she don't agree with all the negative perception listed,because he/she thinks that all course were beneficial to country,nation and religion.He/she do believes that students graduated from computer science course have higher demand nowadays even if Malaysia doesn't need them,they still can work at oversea.

Proceed. . .

Last but not least,my final question is about how to change the negative perception of our society towards computer science students.

Analysis for Q8:
Majority,35 persons agreed that computer science students should become a well trained/expert in computer science/in their major course so that they will easily get job even before they graduated.There were 28 respondents agreed that computer science students must give a good impression to others students and in society.Meanwhile 22 respondents thinks that we should do more promotions and campaigns and explanation about computer science workfield.And the other respondents also suggest that we should make  'computer science fundamental' as a compulsory subject for each first year course.

Okay,that's all for the analysis.Coming up next is the synthesis of this survey. :)

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