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Friday, 9 December 2011

Done with the interview :)

Hoila everyone!

I'm done with my interviews for my part,for our TIS project.Many thanks to my seniors,Rinston,Daus,Safuan and Kak Herda.Thnks seniors! You guys help me a lots! You guys rock! Yeah (",)v <----peace sign.Hahaha.

Now,it is time for me to edit it.Hope I can do it well.Since this is my first time editing videos.I'll do my best.Hehe.Anyone know which is the easiest software to edit video? Espcially to put subtitles since we have a foreigner in our class.Hihi.Nevermind.Will google it later.Haha.

Wait for the result ya.

Also,thnks to everyone who have response to my surveys.So far there are 44 responses from public.I never expected to have so much respondent since I'm targeting 30 respondent are so far enough.Hehe.Currently doing my analysis and will come out with the outcomes later.

Thnks for ur support guys. (^_^)

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